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Supported by a grant from Norway, Co‐financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republic within the Program SK08 Cross-border Collaboration Slovakia – Ukraine: "Cooperation across the Border“,the conference is part of the project Družba Slovakia-Ukraine, for more information:

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Peter Radkoff acts as the Artistic Director of the largest independent cultural centre in Slovakia Tabačka Kulturfabrik and a sponsor of multitude of cultural projects. As a founder and leader of Bona Fide, he has been working to create and maintain independent platform for the presentation of contemporary arts since 1995.

“Support provided to young creative artists, shared jobs and links with successful local companies is what makes Tabačka Kulturfabrik different than other cultural centres. As our priority, we strive to promote creativity by creating conditions allowing for the establishment of new links and projects. Tabačka meets the vision of a creative incubator and a start-up support for new cultural initiatives, individuals and communities.”




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